Clean ProteinsGenerating high value livestock feeds from the invasive water hyacinth weed.

Biofit was founded in 2016 by four researches to not only harvest the invasive water hyacinth, but to process it and produce animal feed products.

The Challenge

Water hyacinth is a free floating plant that can double rigorously and capture an entire water surface. Since 1970, it has covered more than 20,000 hectares of water surface in Lake Victoria. This has resulted into; hindrance of water transport, contamination of the lake and decline in fish population and fishing activities.

Our Solution

Our team came up with the idea of using water hyacinth as a raw material in manufacturing livestock feed. We have carried out several international and local laboratory tests on our products and they have been approved as safe for animal consumption. A pilot study on dairy animals and poultry was able to record an average 30% increase in production and 20% reduction in cost of feeding.

Our Process

We are currently removing 2 tons of water hyacinth weed a week from the lake surface. With this we are able to produce 5 tons of livestock feed a month.
The process involves harvesting of water hyacinth from the lake surface and value addition done to water hyacinth.

The fully processed product is safe and healthy for animals to feed on, owing to the rigorous production stages it undergoes. It is free of any synthetic hormones or boosters that are normally added to animal feeds during production.


Our Products

This cake is targeted at animal feed millers and farmers who make their own feed.
2Finished Biofit Feeds
This includes finished animal feeds like; dairy meal, fish feed, pig feeds and chicken feeds formulated out of hyacinth cake.
3Biofit Mineral Licks
This includes finished animal feeds like; dairy meal, fish feed, pig feeds and chicken feeds formulated out of hyacinth cake.
4Biofit Protein Supplements
The protein are added to already made feeds to boost farmers yield.

Our Mission

Our approach is to promote small scale farming through provision of quality innovative agricultural products and services at the best competitive prices in a healthy environment.

Core Values

We are committted to consistent, honest, reliable and quality products and services.
Customer Focus
We create excellent solutions for our customers by carefully listening to their needs.
Team Spirit
We actively contribute to overcoming challenges as a team.
We provide the full information required.