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Our Products

Biofit has four major products made from hyacinth:

1. Aquaprotein

Biofit Aquaprotein

Hyacinth Cake is the main raw material we use for feed formulation. This cake is also targeted at animal feed millers and farmers who make their own feed. Feed analysis done in both local and international laboratories has shown that the Hyacinth cake is safe and nutritious to animals. Hyacinth cake also reduces the cost of raw material for feed formulation by between 20-30%.

2. Finished Biofit Feeds

Biofit Aquaprotein

This includes finished animal feeds like; dairy meal, fish feed, pig feeds and chicken feeds formulated out of hyacinth cake as per the animal nutritive requirement.

  • 1. Dairy Meal

    Biofit manufactures both High and Medium yield dairy meal which provides nutrients for maintenance and production depending on lactation periods, genetics and production levels. The dairy meals contain highly soluble feed grades monocalcium phosphates for high milk production, fertility and prolonged lactation period.

  • 2. Fish Pellets

    At Biofit, we make high quality floating fish pellets that range from starter mash, grower pellets, and finisher pellets. These pellets are made by correct rationing of high-quality ingredients and finally mixing with the major key component, hyacinth cake, as a source of protein and vitamins required by fish. Hyacinth fish pellets promote steady and fast growth in fish which ensures early maturity to table size fish for the market. They are also affordable to smallholder farmers which ensures a reduction in the cost of fish production by up to 30%.

  • 3. Chicken Feed

    Biofit sells chicken feed formulated and enriched with essential minerals and vitamins to enhance egg production up to 96%, faster growth in growers and chicks and quality eggs and feathers. These feeds include Layers Mash, Chick Mash, Growers Mash, Broiler Starter and Finisher.

  • 4. Pig Feed

    Biofit formulates pig feed including pig starter, sow and weaner, and pig finishing meal. Hyacinth cake is the major raw material used for making these three categories of pig feeds. These feeds are however produced on demand.

3. Biofit Mineral Salts

Minerals are a vital component in livestock nutrition. Biofit focuses on producing organic protein-rich mineral blocks made by mixing molten water hyacinth weed and adding "Homa Lime" which is rich in macro and microelements. The composite is then cooled in a simple mould system and allowed to form and dry. Hyacinth salt leak promotes an increase in animal produce and promotes good health in animals.

4. Biofit Protein Supplements

The protein is added to already made feeds to boost farmers' yield. Taking note of reduced proteins in livestock feed, Biofit has a protein novel that boosts productivity when added to animal feeds.

Biofit Benefits

Zero Emissions
Does not compete with human foods

Our Services

Biofit Team Members

We offer after sales service to livestock farmers using our products through:

1Farm visits to advise on livestock production, nutrition and health.
2Regular trainings and exhibitions.