This  include finished animal feeds like;  dairy meal, fish feed, pig feeds, chicken feeds formulated out of hyacinth cake as per the animal nutritive requirement.


Dairy meal

Biofit manufactures both High and Medium yield dairy meals which provides nutrients for Maintaince and Production depending on Lactation periods, genetics and production levels the dairy meals Contain highly soluble feed grades monocalcium phosphates for High milk production and fertility, Prolonged lactation period .


Fish Pellets

At Biofit, we make high quality floating fish pellets which range from starter mash, grower pellets and finisher pellets. These pellets are made by correct rationing of high quality ingredients and finally mixing with the major key component hyacinth cake as a source of protein and vitamins required by fish.

Advantages of hyacinth fish pellets are; promotes steady and fast growth in fish which ensures early maturity to table size fish for market. They are also affordable to small holder farmers which ensure reduction in cost of fish production by 30%.


Chicken feed

Boifit sells chicken feed   formulated and enriched with  essential minerals and Vitamins  to enhance  egg production  up to  96% ,faster growth  in growers and chicks ,quality  eggs and feathers ,this feeds include Layers mash, Chick Mash, Growers mash,  Broiler starter and Finisher  .


Pig feed

Biofit formulates pig feed including pig starter, sow and weaner, and pig finishing meal. Hyacinth cake is major raw material used for making all the three categories of pig  feeds, These feeds are however produced on demand  by  pig farmers