Livestock and Environmental health

Taking notice of the growing water hyacinth problem, Biofit was founded in 2017 by four researches to not only harvest the invasive weed, but to process it and produce animal feed products such as hyacinth livestock cake, dairy meal, poultry mash, fish pellets and pig mash among others. We anticipate the management of water hyacinth in African lakes and restoration of lake productivity. We also hope to create job opportunities and raise living standards of our small holder farmers.



The Challenge

Water hyacinth is a free floating plant that can double rigorously and capture an entire water surface  . Since 1970, it has covered more than 20,000 ha of  water surface  in Lake Victoria and other rivers. This has resulted into; hindrance of water transport,  contamination of the lake and decline in fish population and fishing activities.


Our Solution

Our team came up with the idea of using water hyacinth as a raw material in manufacturing livestock feed. We have carried out several international and local laboratory tests on our products and they have been approved as safe for animal consumption.A pilot study on dairy animals and poultry, was  able to record an average 30% increase in production and 20% reduction in cost of feeding.

Mission Statement

Our approach is to promote small scale farming through provision of quality innovative agricultural products and services at the best competitive prices in a healthy environment.

Our Vision

Innovative solution to farmers feeding the world

Core values

Integrity; We are   committed to a consistent, honest, reliable and quality products and services

Customer Focus; We create excellent solutions for our customers by carefully listening  to their needs

Team Spirit; We actively contribute to overcoming challenges as a team.

Transparency; We provide the full information required.

Brand Values

We recognize the tradition and value of brands; we are working hard to become a leading producer of animal feed formulated from hyacinth in the animal feed industry.